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Founded by an attorney to facilitate secure and simple trademark sales.

Strict Seller Ownership Verification

Communer uses a strict verification process to confirm that every trademark listed on our marketplace is owned by the person who listed it on our marketplace.

The most common method involves contacting the USPTO’s listed correspondent for the trademark registration and confirming that the owner actually applied to list their trademark on Communer. Alternatively, we review a trademark’s web specimen in the public record and confirm that our seller controls the domain name cited in the official record.

Validated and Appraised U.S. Trademark Registrations

Communer reviews every trademark listing to ensure that it is a live, registered trademark in good standing with the USPTO.

Funds Held Securely in Escrow

Communer holds the buyer’s funds in escrow while the transaction is in process. Communer doesn’t release the funds to the seller until the buyer legally owns the trademark. Communer will hold the funds for an additional 14 days after the transfer to ensure that everything goes right.

Valid Trademark Assignment Agreement Created and Executed

Communer doesn’t leave it up to the buyer and seller to figure out their contract. As soon as the purchase is initiated by the buyer, Communer generates a valid trademark assignment agreement that will be sent to both parties for e-signature. This assignment agreement will be legal, binding, and ready for submission to the USPTO. We can also record the trademark transfer with the USPTO if the buyer wants.

For Trademark Buyers:

Real Brands for Sale

At Communer, we have brands for sale, not just domain names. Don’t buy a “brand name” from a domain name marketplace only to find out that you can’t legally use it. Buy a registered trademark, knowing that you’re buying the legal right to use a brand name.

Instant Purchase

No price negotiations, no contract review. You know what you’re getting, and how much you’ll be paying.

Curated and Appraised by Experts

We don’t let sellers list just any trademark on our website. We curate submissions to maintain the quality of our trademark exchange. 

More importantly, we appraise the trademarks submitted to our marketplace, only letting sellers list trademarks for prices that are within a certain range of our valuation for the trademark.

No Lower Prices Elsewhere

Communer listings are exclusive, meaning you won’t be able to get our trademarks at a lower price on other marketplaces. You also won’t be able to get a lower price by contacting the owner of the trademark directly. The owner of the trademark is bound to the price of the trademark listed on Communer.

Because there is also no negotiation involved, the price you see on Communer is the best price at which you can get that trademark. You can purchase your trademark knowing that you’re not missing out on a lower price.

For Trademark Sellers:

Free Advertising

Communer is more than a trademark exchange. It’s a trademark broker. Once we list your trademark, we promote it to thousands of likely buyers through Google Ads, affiliate agencies and firms, mailing lists, social media, and other channels.

No Upfront Costs

Communer only makes money if you make money. We do not charge a listing fee; only a sale commission.

Free Trademark Valuation

After you submit your trademark registration to our trademark exchange and we verify that you own it, we’ll give you a free valuation for your trademark based on our extensive knowledge and experience with trademarks.

You can then list your trademark registration on Communer for a price within a certain range of our valuation, or you can choose not to list your trademark with Communer at all.

No Haggling or Negotiation

Buyers will not be able to try to get you to bring your price down. The price they see on Communer is the price they’re going to get. This saves you time and stress, while keeping your outcome predictable.

For Both Sellers and Buyers:

Safe Transaction: Funds Held Securely

Communer will hold the purchase funds securely until the trademark assignment agreement is signed by both parties. Once the contract is signed and the ownership change is legal, the funds will be released to the seller.

Communer Generates the Trademark Transfer Agreement

Communer will generate a valid trademark assignment agreement, using language that will make the trademark transfer valid as soon as both parties sign. The language of the agreement will be recognized by the USPTO as changing the ownership of the identified trademark.

To the right is a preview of the standard trademark assignment template Communer uses, which has been submitted dozens of times to the USPTO with a 100% success rate. If a domain name is included in the listing, then it will also be included in the trademark assignment agreement.

Buyer and Seller Terms can be found here.

Communer Trademark Assignment Example
Example of the standard trademark assignment agreement used for Communer listings. Click to magnify.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our buyers become the new legal owner of the trademark within three days of paying for it. Shortly after payment is made, Communer generates a trademark assignment agreement for e-signature by both the buyer and seller. When both parties e-sign, the buyer is now the legal owner of the trademark.

As the buyer, you may want to record your assignment with the USPTO. This process does not change the legal owner, but it updates the ownership records in the public trademark database. The assignment recordation process usually takes about one month for the USPTO process, though it can take more like two months if complications arise. Once the assignment recordation process is complete, the USPTO will update the listed owner in its TESS search engine and its TSDR trademark records shortly after.

Communer can help you with recording your assignment if you're unsure how to do it yourself.

The seller does not need to file anything.

Most buyers will want to record their trademark assignment with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) after they purchase a trademark on Communer. The assignment recordation process enters the ownership transfer into the public record and updates the trademark's listed owner in the publicly searchable trademark database.

The buyer can usually file the assignment recordation themselves using the USPTO's Electronic Trademark Assignment System (ETAS) for $40. If you'd prefer to have an attorney to file it on your behalf, our partner firm JPG Legal can file the assignment recordation for $200 including the filing fee for one trademark, plus an additional $50 per trademark for additional trademarks transferred in the same deal (for example, if you bought a name trademark and a logo trademark together and you want to record both assignments).

After you purchase a trademark on Communer, we'll give you next steps on how to have the assignment recorded if you're unsure how to do it on your own.

Our buyers generally gain Amazon Brand Registry access within one week of paying for their trademark.

Once the buyer and seller both e-sign the trademark assignment agreement generated by Communer, the buyer can apply for Amazon Brand Registry using that trademark's registration number. Amazon will send a verification code to the seller, which they are then required to forward to the buyer in a timely manner as stated in the assignment agreements we generate.

Communer cannot control the actions of Amazon and thus we cannot guarantee that Amazon will grant the buyer Brand Registry access, but all trademarks we sell should be eligible for Amazon Brand Registry as long as they're not on the Supplemental Register. Very few Communer trademarks are on the Supplemental Register (as of this writing, none are). When trademarks are on the Supplemental Register, we warn you of this in the listing.

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Communer® is a marketplace for various intangible goods including U.S. trademark registrations, domain names, legal document templates, and legal guides. Trademark attorney Jeremy Green Eche founded Communer because many of his clients needed to buy or sell trademarks, but they had no good way to do this. 

While practicing trademark law, Eche saw many trademark owners give up on the idea of finding buyers for their trademarks, resigning themselves to letting their trademarks expire. He also saw many entrepreneurs in need of immediate trademark ownership who were forced to spend a year or more waiting for their trademark applications reach registration, assuming they weren’t rejected outright.

Eche decided to make a marketplace where people can buy and sell registered trademarks as easily as they can buy and sell domain names. As a trademark attorney, online business owner, and former domain name investor, he figured he had as good a chance of succeeding at this goal as anybody.

Communer's Founder

Jeremy Peter Green Eche ("Jeremy Eche" for short)

Cartoon version of Jeremy Eche at his home office
Self-portrait of founder Jeremy Eche at his home office.

Communer® was created by Jeremy Peter Green Eche, a trademark attorney who also founded the law firm JPG Legal®. Eche is the attorney of record for over 2,500 successfully registered U.S. trademarks. He writes a startup blog called Ask a Jewish Lawyer®. Before he was a trademark attorney, he was a domain name investor. He bought ClintonKaine.com in 2010 for $8, promoted it by posting his own fanfiction on it, and sold it in 2016 for $15,000. Eche enjoys drawing and inking comics, including all of the illustrations on Communer.

He is a member of the National Lawyers Guild, the South Brooklyn branch of NYC DSA, and the LGBT Bar Association of New York. He formerly served as General Counsel for Teamsters Local 922. Eche lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife Stephanie Eche, an artist and consultant who founded Distill Creative, their baby daughter Manuela, and their cats Quíque and Bibi. He is a native English speaker who is conversational in Spanish. He is also a licensed New York real estate broker.

Jeremy Peter Green Eche and Stephanie Eche at NY NOW
Founder Jeremy Eche with his wife, Stephanie Eche.

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