Why Use Communer To Buy or Sell Trademarks?

For Trademark Buyers:

Real Brands for Sale

At Communer, we have brands for sale, not just domain names. Don’t buy a “brand name” from a domain name marketplace only to find out that you can’t legally use it. Buy a registered trademark, knowing that you’re buying the legal right to use a brand name.

Instant Purchase

No price negotiations, no contract review. You know what you’re getting, and how much you’ll be paying.

Seller Ownership Verification

Communer uses a strict verification process to confirm that every trademark listed on our marketplace is both actively registered with the USPTO and owned by the person who listed it on our marketplace.

The most common method involves contacting the USPTO’s listed correspondent for the trademark registration and confirming that the owner applied to list their trademark on Communer. 

Curated and Appraised by Experts

We don’t let sellers list just any trademark on our website. We curate submissions to maintain the quality of our trademark exchange. 

More importantly, we appraise the trademarks submitted to our marketplace, only letting sellers list trademarks for prices that are within a certain range of our valuation for the trademark.

For Trademark Sellers:

Free Advertising

Communer is more than a trademark exchange. It’s a trademark broker. Once we list your trademark, we promote it to thousands of likely buyers through Google Ads, affiliate agencies and firms, mailing lists, social media, and other channels.

No Upfront Costs

Communer only makes money if you make money. We do not charge a listing fee; only a sale commission.

Free Trademark Valuation

After you submit your trademark registration to our trademark exchange and we verify that you own it, we’ll give you a free valuation for your trademark based on our extensive knowledge and experience with trademarks.

You can then list your trademark registration on Communer for a price within a certain range of our valuation, or you can choose not to list your trademark with Communer at all.

For Both Sellers and Buyers:

Safe Transaction: Funds Held Securely

Communer will hold the purchase securely until the trademark assignment agreement is signed by both parties. Once the contract is signed and the ownership change is legal, the funds will be released to the seller.

Communer Drafts the Trademark Transfer Agreement

Communer will generate a valid trademark assignment agreement, using language that will make the trademark transfer valid as soon as both parties sign. The language of the agreement will be recognized by the USPTO as changing the ownership of the identified trademark.

To the right is a preview of the standard trademark assignment template Communer uses, which has been submitted dozens of times to the USPTO, with a 100% success rate. If a domain name is included in the listing, then it will also be included in the trademark assignment agreement.

Communer TM Assignment Agreement Sample
Example of the standard trademark assignment agreement used for Communer listings. Click to magnify.

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Communer® is a marketplace for various intangible goods including U.S. trademark registrations, legal document templates, and legal guides.

Communer's Founder

Jeremy Eche

Cartoon version of Jeremy Eche at his home office
Self-portrait of founder Jeremy Eche at his home office.

Communer® was created by Jeremy Peter Green Eche, a trademark attorney who also founded the law firm JPG Legal®. Jeremy is the attorney of record for over 2,000 successfully registered U.S. trademarks. He writes a startup blog called Ask a Jewish Lawyer®. Jeremy also draws all of the illustrations for Communer.

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Founder Jeremy Eche with his wife, Stephanie Eche.

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