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CLASS 5: Herbal teas for medicinal purposes; nutritional supplements; natural herbal supplements; natural dietary supplements; all of the aforementioned goods contain organic ingredients

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We don’t get many trademark registrations for nutritional supplements listed here, and when we do, they get snatched up. The owner wants to sell quickly so we’re actually listing at a price much lower than Communer’s valuation for this trademark.

If you’re starting a supplements business, especially one that will be selling on Amazon, you should buy this before somebody else does. It’s a great name too: easy to remember and spell, and has great connotations. It also comes with a perfectly matching .com domain name, which is very valuable for various reasons.

The goods/services IDs mention that all of the goods are “organic,” but this is not a legal requirement for you as a supplements business, it just means that the trademark registration’s primary protection is for organic products. Not only can you sell non-organic supplements or teas under this brand, but you will also have an airtight legal case against anybody else using a similar name for any related goods, including teas and non-organic supplements.

This trademark will grant you instant Amazon Brand Registry access without the worry of Amazon revoking it later because of a rejection by the USPTO.

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