Become a Communer Affiliate

Earn money by linking customers to Communer on your blog, your website, or through email. Promote Communer to your clients or readers and get 25% of Communer’s share of any sale made to the person you referred.

Trademark prices on Communer range from $1,750 to $100,000+ and Communer’s share is typically 25%, meaning affiliate commissions range from $100 USD per sale at the low end to $12,500 USD per sale for premium trademarks. 

For example, if you refer somebody through a blog post or email and they purchase a $10,000 trademark, Communer’s share of that purchase will be $2,500 (25%). You will then get 25% of that, meaning your affiliate payout will be $625 (6.25% of the purchase price).

You’ll also get commissions when your referred customers purchase document templates and legal guides on Communer, for which you’ll get 25% of the entire purchase price.

You can also offer your community a custom coupon code that can save them as much as $250 on trademark purchases, and sometimes more. This code will give you credit for the purchase even if the person you refer doesn’t use your affiliate link.

Communer Affiliate Notes

  1. If a customer follows your affiliate link, a cookie will track their use of the website for 30 days. If they click a referral link for one product and purchase a different product, you will still get referral credit.
  2. If you know for certain that you referred somebody, but the referral wasn’t tracked for some reason (e.g. they used a different device to make the purchase), just let us know and we’ll still count the referral.
  3. You can also offer coupon codes to your clients/readers. These codes will give you credit for the referral even if a referral link wasn’t used.
  4. You get 25% of Communer’s share of a sale. This typically means 6.25% for trademark sales and 23.5% for document and guide sales.

Communer Affiliate Rules

  1. You cannot get a referral commission for your own purchase or your own sale.
  2. You can choose to be paid by mailed check (U.S. only), PayPal, Payoneer, or bank wire (U.S. only). Applicable fees will be deducted from your payouts. Those fees are typically $1 for mailed check, $25 for bank wire, and about 2.9% for PayPal.
  3. For trademark registration sales, you get paid after the deal is finalized and the seller gets paid.
  4. You only receive a payout when you’ve earned $20 or more in referrals.
  5. If a purchase is refunded, you do not receive a commission.