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How It Works

  1. You submit our form, telling us about your registered trademark and whether you want to include a domain name in your listing. We verify that you own the trademark and then we evaluate it.
  2. If we approve your trademark, we‘ll send you our Markhound® Appraisal. The Markhound® Appraisal is our estimate of how much a brand is worth. Markhound® incorporates Communer’s proprietary sales data, the trademark’s details, market trends, our AI-powered marketability score, and additional brand assets such as domain names and social media handles.
  3. You can choose to list your trademark at the Markhound® Appraisal price or you can choose a price that’s higher or lower. Our Markhound® Appraisal is included in every listing near the sales price (as of May 2023). You can also decide not to list your trademark at all. 
  4. We’re not just a trademark marketplace. We’re a trademark broker. Once we list your trademark, we promote it to thousands of likely buyers through affiliate agencies and firms, mailing lists, social media, and other channels. 
  5. We also increase the chances of selling your trademark by allowing buyers to pay in installments through major buy-now-pay-later platforms. You still receive your payment upfront.
  6. If you sell your trademark through any means while it’s listed on our marketplace, we get a commission of 15% of the listing price.
  7. Once a buyer orders your trademark on Communer, they send us the money to hold in a secure account. At no additional cost, we draft the trademark assignment agreement for you and the buyer to sign.
  8. Once both sides sign the agreement, we hold the funds in escrow for two weeks to make sure there are no issues with the transaction, and then we send the proceeds to you by your payment method of choice (bank transfer, Payoneer, or PayPal), minus our fee and payment processing fees.
  9. The buyer is responsible for recording the trademark assignment agreement with the USPTO, not you.
Exclusive Listing Warning:

If you list your trademark on Communer, your listing is exclusive. That means you still have to pay us 15% of the listing price even if you sell your trademark outside of Communer, unless you tell us you want to remove your listing from Communer 60 days before you make the sale.

If you sell your domain name elsewhere but not your trademark, you must let us know immediately so we can adjust your listing to remove the domain name.

If a buyer initiates a purchase of your trademark on Communer while your trademark is listed on Communer, you cannot back out of the deal or change your mind. You are committed to signing the trademark assignment agreement for that trademark.

You may request to remove your listing from Communer at any time if you decide not to sell your trademark at all, and Communer will remove your listing within three business days.

Main Details:
  • It’s free to list your US trademark registration on our marketplace.
  • You can also list your domain name here if it matches your trademark.
  • We tell you what we think the trademark is worth using our proprietary Markhound® Appraisal formula (usually $2,000-$15,000 USD, sometimes more).
  • We keep a flat 15% of the listing price if it sells, plus a payment processing fee reimbursement for the buyer’s payment (usually about 3%, occasionally 5-6%).
  • We draft the necessary legal document to transfer the trademark for free. You and the buyer e-sign it.
  • We pay you by Zelle, bank transfer ($25), PayPal (fees apply), or Payoneer (fees apply) after a two-week waiting period to make sure there are no issues with the transactions.
  • The buyer of the trademark is responsible for recording the transfer with the USPTO, not you. If your brand is registered on Amazon, you must add the buyer as an administrator of the brand.

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