Dronematic Photography


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Class 12: Camera drones; Drones; Civilian drones

Class 14: Aerial photography

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An excellent trademark that checks all the boxes of a great brand name. This name is registered both for photography services and drone products themselves. So whether you’re a drone vendor, a service provider, or both, this trademark registration will be very valuable to you.

Even if you don’t want to use the full name, you will essentially need to own this name if you want to use the name “Dronematic” for any electronic products or visual services. Buying this trademark gives you the ability to register the term “Dronematic” on its own if that’s what you prefer to own, and it gives you the legal case for threatening or deplatforming other companies that use the term “Dronematic.”

This trademark will grant you instant Amazon Brand Registry access without the worry of Amazon revoking it later because of a rejection by the USPTO.

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In stock

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