Havana Tan


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CLASS 3: Suncare products, namely, self-tanning lotions, suntanning oils, non-medicated gels to soothe sunburns, sun screens, and sun blocks

Additional Notes:

An ideal name for a company in the massively lucrative sunscreen or tanning lotion industries, evoking the beaches of Cuba while also having a catchy internal rhyming sound in the name. With federal trademark rights going back to April of 2000, this trademark registration is extremely safe after having been renewed and maintained at the appropriate times (the next 10-year renewal is not due until December 2025).

This trademark bundle also includes a jingle, longtime common law rights to a slogan, and a logo. See below for these additional included brand assets.

The trademark as registered contains an exclamation point, but that might be considered a non-material part of the mark, meaning the purchaser of this trademark may be able to amend the application to remove the exclamation mark. Regardless, this registration will certainly protect the owner for the wording “Havana Tan” with or without the exclamation mark.

Because this a fully registered trademark on the Principal Register, you’ll get instant Amazon Brand Registry access without having to worry about Amazon revoking your Brand Registry access later on because of a refusal by the USPTO.

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Included Brand Assets:

Havana Tan logo with palm tree for a TSmiling cartoon sun with sunglasses, a cigar, and a sun hat with the Cuban flat on it


Slogan: The Revolution In Suncare Has Just Begun! (Common law rights)

The Revolution In Suncare Has Just Begun!



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