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Class 10: Colposcopes; Condoms; Adult sexual stimulation aids, namely, artificial penises, penis enlargers, vibrators, benwa balls, artificial vaginas; Massage apparatus and instruments; Massage sticks; Massage balls; Sanitary masks for medical purposes; Sanitary masks for medical wellness purposes; Sex dolls; Sex toys; Vaginal dilators; Vibrating apparatus used to stimulate muscles and increase strength and physical performance for health and medical purposes; Electric massage appliances, namely, electric vibrating massager; Gum massaging instruments; Lactation massage bars; Love dolls; Sex toys, namely, vibrators

Additional Notes:

An apt and desirable four-letter name for any brand that sells adult products or medical products. Easy to remember, spell, and pronounce.

Because it’s a fully registered trademark on the Principal Register, you’ll get instant Amazon Brand Registry access without having to worry about Amazon revoking your Brand Registry access later on because of a refusal by the USPTO.


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