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CLASS 36: Financial services, namely, providing exchange and trading services for sports-focused financial instruments; providing information regarding sports-focused financial instruments via the internet; providing an on-line computer database featuring exchange and trade information regarding sports-focused financial instruments

Included Domain Name:

OwntheGame.sol on the Solana blockchain.

Additional Notes:

A very valuable trademark for a company dealing in sports trading, sports speculation, sports collectibles, and, perhaps, sports betting or fantasy sports. “Own the Game” also happens to be the name of Adidas’s current growth strategy and a line of Adidas clothing. However, this trademark was registered long before Adidas starting using this phrase, meaning the purchaser of this trademark would seem to have superior trademark rights that predate those of Adidas. It could be a very interesting purchase for a savvy investor.

This purchase includes a second valuable asset: a domain on the Solana blockchain.


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