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Class 9: Telescopes; Cases for telephones; Computer peripheral equipment; Computer hardware and computer peripheral devices; Earphones and headphones; Selfie sticks; Sunglasses and spectacles; Thermal printers; USB card readers; USB hubs; Audio cables; Bar code printers; Cell phone cases; Computer cases; Document printers; Ethernet cables; Eye glasses; Humanoid robots with artificial intelligence; Laboratory robots; Protective covers and cases for portable media players; Security surveillance robots; Sports glasses; Stereo cables; Sun glasses; Tactical robots; Teaching robots; Telecommunications cables; Telepresence robots; USB cables; Video cables; Wireless speakers; Wireless indoor and outdoor speakers

Additional Notes:

This is a brilliant name for an eyewear brand and the price point is arguably too low, so you should scoop this up if you’re even considering selling sunglasses. As a bonus, it’s also registered for various electronics.

This trademark will grant you instant Amazon Brand Registry access without the worry of Amazon revoking it later because of a rejection by the USPTO.

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