Trademark Answer to Petition for Cancellation Template

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If somebody has filed a Petition for Cancellation against your U.S. trademark registration, or your client’s U.S. trademark registration, you can use this template as the skeleton of your Answer to the petition.

When you file an Answer to a Petition to Cancel, you need to address every point made in the petition, line for line. You don’t really make any arguments in one of these; you mostly just use boilerplate to either deny, admit, or ignore each point made in the petition.

This template shows you how that typically looks, and includes several different standard boilerplate lines. It has admissions, denials of allegations, denials of knowledge, and warranted non-responses. It also includes eight Affirmative Defenses that are typically included in Answers to Petitions to Cancel, including failure to state a claim, laches, estoppel, and unclean hands.

Just use the different types of line-by-line responses we include and arrange them in a way that corresponds to the petitioner’s allegations in order to create a valid Answer to a petition to cancel your trademark registration that you can file with the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board (TTAB). This template has been used many times by our partner law firm, JPG Legal. It also includes the required Certificate of Service on the last page.

Note that this template is for situations where somebody has petitioned to cancel your registered trademark. It is not for Notices of Opposition against pending trademark applications. If you want a template for an Answer to a Notice of Opposition, go here.

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Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $19.00.

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Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $19.00.