TTAB Petitioner Request to Withdraw as Attorney (Cancellation)


If you are an attorney who filed a Petition for Cancellation against a trademark registration, and you no longer wish to represent your client as the plaintiff on this cancellation for whatever reason, then this template is for you.

As the filer of a petition to cancel, you cannot use the USPTO’s normal attorney withdrawal form. You must actually file a motion to withdraw as counsel. Not only that, but you must include several important statements in your request to withdraw regarding your communications with your client and your reason for withdrawing. If you don’t include all four of these required elements, your request to withdraw will likely by rejected by the TTAB, meaning you’ll still be the attorney of record for the plaintiff in this cancellation proceeding.

Just fill in the blanks and you have yourself a valid Request to Withdraw as Attorney for the Plaintiff in a Cancellation Proceeding that you can file with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB). This template has been used successfully by our partner law firm, JPG Legal. It also includes both of the required Certificates of Service on the last page.

Note that this template is not for Notices of Opposition against pending trademark applications. If you want to file a Request to Withdraw as Attorney for a pending application in an opposition proceeding, go here.

This template is also not for the Defendant in a Trademark Cancellation Proceeding. If you represent the registrant being cancelled and want to file a Request to Withdraw as Attorney, go here.

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