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Class 9: Batteries; Cables, electric; Cases adapted for cameras; Cases adapted for computers; Cases adapted for mobile phones; Cases adapted for photographic equipment; Cases for children’s eye glasses; Cases for compact discs; Cases for contact lenses; Cases for diskettes; Cases for electronic diaries; Cases for eyeglasses and sunglasses; Cases for eyewear; Cases for mobile phones; Cases for photographic apparatus; Cases for pocket calculators; Cases for smartphones; Cases for spectacles and sunglasses; Cases for telephones; Casings and casing parts for electrical equipment, namely, housing for switching apparatus; Chargers for batteries; Computer hardware and computer peripheral devices; Computer hardware and computer peripherals; Computer stands specially designed for holding a computer, printer and computer peripherals; Keyboards for mobile phones; Keyboards for smartphones; Mounting devices for monitors; Audio cables; Battery cables; Battery cases; Battery chargers; Beeper carrying cases; Camera cases; Camera mounts and supports; Carrying cases for cell phones; Carrying cases for mobile computers; Carrying cases for radio pagers; CD cases; Cell phone cases; Coaxial cables; Compact disc cases; Computer cables; Computer cases; Computer keyboards; Computer mounts; Computer carrying cases; Computer monitor mounts; Connection cables; Contact lens cases; Data cables; DVD cases; Earth cables; Electric cables; Electrical cables; Electronic cables; Ethernet cables; Extension cables; Eye glass cases; Eyeglass cases; Eyewear cases; Guitar cables; Humanoid robots with artificial intelligence; Jumper cables; Laboratory robots; Laptop carrying cases; Mechanical keyboards; Microphone cables; Modem cables; Optical cables; PC tablet mounts; Pince-nez mountings; Power cables; Printer cables; Protective cases for cell phones; Protective cases for laptop computers; Protective cases for tablet computers; Protective covers and cases for laptops; Security surveillance robots; Shield cases for magnetic disks; Slide film mounts; Smartphone mounts; Solar batteries; Solar-powered battery chargers; Spectacle cases; Spectacles, frames and cases; Stereo cables; Tactical robots; Teaching robots; Telecommunication cables; Telecommunications cables; Telepresence robots; USB cables; Video cables; Waterproof cases for smart phones; Wireless chargers

Additional Notes:

If you’re selling robots or electronics, you can’t really beat this four-letter name. It’s very professional sounding and extremely easy to remember, spell, and pronounce.

This trademark will grant you instant Amazon Brand Registry access without the worry of Amazon revoking it later because of a rejection by the USPTO.

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