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CLASS 25: Baby bottoms; Baseball caps and hats; Baseball shoes; Basketball sneakers; Boots; Bow ties; Bras; Cloaks; Clothing, namely, arm warmers; Clothing, namely, knee warmers; Coats; Dance shoes; Dresses; Ear muffs; Flight suits; Footies; Gilets; Gloves; Golf caps; Golf trousers; Hats; Headbands; Headwear; Hiking boots; Hiking jackets; Hiking trousers; Infant wear; Insoles; Jackets; Jeans; Jerseys; Judo suits; Karate suits; Leather shoes; Mountaineering shoes; Mountaineering boots; Nightwear; Pants; Pareos; Rain suits; Scarfs; Shirts; Shoes; Shorts; Ski wear; Skirts; Slippers; Socks; Sports shoes; Sports pants; Stockings; Suits; Sweaters; Swimsuits; T-shirts; Tights; Trousers; Undergarments; Underpants; Underwear; Vests; Waist belts; Waistbands; Wetsuits; Yoga pants; Yoga socks; Yoga tops; Climbing boots; Sports shirts; Yoga shirts

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A great opportunity to buy a clothing trademark that comes with a matching com domain name, for a low price. The name is fun, pretty, and perfect for developing a clothing brand with a dedicated following. Registered for a wide variety of apparel, including formal, casual, and athletic/athleisure wear.

Because it’s a fully registered trademark on the Principal Register, you’ll get instant Amazon Brand Registry access without having to worry about Amazon revoking your Brand Registry access later on because of a refusal by the USPTO.

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In stock

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