Best Brandable Domain Names For Sale on Communer

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Sometimes when Jeremy and I are listing new trademarks for sale, we wish we could drop everything and start a new business. When we come across a trademark that is not only a great name for the product class, but also comes with a brandable dot-com domain name, it’s very tempting to want to buy […]

Trademarks for Sale: How to Know if a Brand for Sale Is Legit

Trademarks for sale: Registered trademark symbol red flag

The other day I was sitting at the park with some friends and family. A friend of my sister’s was talking about how she’s starting her own business. I asked her about her business and she brought up the inevitable questions every new business owner asks, like how or if she should form an LLC.  […]

How to Buy a Trademark

Many business owners are interested in creating a brand new name for a business and then trademarking that name, but you can in fact buy an existing trademark from another entity. It’s not very common, but it is possible. You can buy a trademark if you want to use it for the same goods/services (class) […]