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Sometimes when Jeremy and I are listing new trademarks for sale, we wish we could drop everything and start a new business. When we come across a trademark that is not only a great name for the product class, but also comes with a brandable dot-com domain name, it’s very tempting to want to buy the name ourselves.

If you want to know what makes a trademark most valuable, check out our blog post, How Much is My Trademark Worth? With Valuation Examples. One feature that can make a trademark much more valuable is having a matching dot-com domain name.

Often business owners search for a “brandable” domain name when they are naming their business, without thinking about trademark availability. This can get business owners into a lot of trouble later, so it’s best to get a trademark that already comes with a domain. Remember, the most valuable domain names – and brand names – are short, easy to spell, and easy to remember. 

Below are some of our current favorite trademarks, with brandable domain names, for sale on Communer. All of the trademarks below come with .com domains that match them exactly, meaning you won’t have to worry about getting sued for using your domain name.

Trademarks with 7-letter matching dot-com domain names

Paleohs logo

Paleohs and ($11,900 USD)

The trademark Paleohs combines nostalgia with a contemporary health trend. In trademark class 30, which covers food products, the brand Paleohs offers a range of paleo-friendly cereals and snacks. The clever play on words, blending “paleo” with “Ohs” reminiscent of a well-known breakfast cereal, instantly communicates the product’s healthy appeal. 

In a world where consumers are increasingly health-conscious, Paleohs distinguishes itself by offering a nostalgic experience without compromising on nutrition. This trademark has a high marketing value because it effectively taps into a growing market demand for healthier food options with a creative and memorable name. 

Green and purple travel bag cartoon

Rovslim and ($3,900 USD)

Rovslim, a trademark in class 18, covers bags and wallets. What sets Rovslim apart is its simplicity and elegance. The fusion of “rov” and “slim” suggests sleek, slim, and fashionable leather accessories. In a world driven by style and aesthetics, Rovslim has the potential to become a recognizable and sought-after brand. It stands out as a great value trademark in the leather goods industry due to its versatility, conveying a sense of sophistication that appeals to a wide range of consumers.


BrayFit and ($3,000 USD)

The trademark BrayFit is an excellent example of combining a personal touch with fitness-related products in class 28. This trademark is relatable, as “Bray” could easily represent a person’s name, suggesting a personal connection to fitness. BrayFit is a great value because it not only hints at the personal commitment and dedication to fitness but also opens up opportunities for a variety of fitness-related products such as exercise equipment, sportswear, or supplements. It resonates with consumers seeking an authentic, relatable fitness journey.

Pharmaceutical trademarks with matching dot-com domain names

Communer green and white supplements cartoon

JNS-Believe and ($8,000 USD)

JNS-Believe, which is registered in classes 3, 5, and 25, is an exceptional trademark, enriched with memorable and evocative qualities. Its unique blend of “JNS” with “Believe” creates an instantly recognizable and relatable brand image. This trademark’s versatility allows it to be applied across a wide range of products, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care, and clothing items, while the positive associations tied to “Believe” instill trust and confidence in consumers. 

What truly elevates its value is the acquisition of a matching dot-com domain, like, which not only strengthens the brand’s online presence but also enhances SEO, brand recognition, credibility, and professionalism, making it an invaluable asset for any business in the competitive class 3 and 5 markets.

Creative tech names with matching dot-com domains 

Green and Purple Communer mobile app

Moodstring and ($8,900 USD)

The best brand names are made up, but also easy to remember, spell, and have some emotional connection to the desired target market. Moodstring hits all those marks and is also fun. In trademark class 9, which encompasses electronics, software, and technology products, Moodstring is a brilliant choice within this category.

This name is evocative and intriguing, suggesting a connection between emotions and technology. It holds the promise of a product or service that can adjust or respond to one’s mood. The value of Moodstring lies in its potential to capture the imagination of consumers in a tech-savvy world where personalization and emotional well-being are increasingly important. This trademark has the power to create a unique niche in the market, making it a great value.


Ocudi and ($11,000 USD)

Ocudi in class 9 is an excellent trademark choice with inherent value and versatility. In class 9, which encompasses electronics and technology products, Ocudi carries a futuristic and innovative vibe. The name is concise, easy to remember, and has a sleek, modern sound that is ideal for technology-related brands. Whether it’s electronics, software, or any tech gadget, Ocudi can be applied to a wide range of products, making it adaptable to various niches within the tech industry. Its short and memorable nature is perfect for creating a strong brand presence, and it has the potential to become a recognizable name in the world of cutting-edge technology.

A Variety of Great Values

These seven trademarks, belonging to different trademark classes, showcase the diversity and creativity within the world of branding and intellectual property. They are great values because they effectively communicate their respective products or services, resonate with consumers, and have the potential to stand out in their industries, plus they all come with matching, brandable dot-com domains. 

In a crowded marketplace, a memorable trademark can make all the difference in capturing the attention and loyalty of consumers, and these trademarks with domains have what it takes to do just that.

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