5 BrandBucket Names That Could Get You Sued Part I

Screenshot of CherryGarcia.com listing on BrandBucket.

BrandBucket, a website where you can buy domain names, describes itself as a “brand name marketplace.” Their success depends on convincing entrepreneurs that buying a domain name for your new business is the same thing as securing a brand name.  Unfortunately, this is not true. Buying your desired dot-com domain does not actually give you […]

How Much Is My Trademark Worth? With Valuation Examples.

Screenshot of various trademarks for sale on Communer.

In my previous post on my law firm’s blog about appraising trademarks, I gave a very detailed explanation of my formula for determining the value of a little-used or little-known registered trademark that is not being sold in combination with a turnkey, profitable business.  In this post, I want to show you how those principles […]

Amazon Seller Name Ideas and Guidelines

brandnamez with yellow Amazon arrow under it by Jeremy Eche

Your seller name is one of the most important choices you’ll have to make as an Amazon business. Not only should the name be appealing and memorable to your target buyers, but it needs to be a name you can actually use without being sued, and that you can own as a registered trademark.  The […]

Trademark Specimen Examples from Our New Guide

Sommer Swim trademark specimen example

Though Communer’s flagship products are registered trademarks, we also sell other intangible goods including legal guides. Our first guide available is our Trademark Specimen Handbook, which I wrote myself to help people whose trademark specimens have been rejected. At 35 pages and over 9,000 words, it’s a comprehensive resource for anybody trying to file their […]

Brand Names for Sale? Not at Domain Marketplaces.

A cartoon bucket of worms that says DOMAIN BUCKET on it, but DOMAIN is crossed out and replaced with BRAND. Signed by Jeremy Eche.

Do you remember when Apple bought Beats by Dre for $3 billion in 2014? Why do you think Beats was worth $3 billion to Apple? Was it because Apple wanted the beatsbydre.com domain name? No, Apple was primarily paying for the Beats brand, which essentially means they were paying for the Beats trademark. The single […]

What To Do When Your Idea Is Stolen

Close-up of a thief’s hands wearing thick leather gloves and trying to crack the code on a small locked safe.

Stolen ideas are hardly a new trend in the business world. Whether it’s a stolen song lyric, software feature, or clothing design, many companies have seen competitors profit from stolen products or ideas. Although intellectual property theft may seem intangible, there is plenty of risk and loss involved, especially for small businesses. Even in one […]

The Difference Between ® and ™ and Why It Matters for Your Product

A person’s hand holding a stamp with the word “trademark” printed on its side.

Intellectual Property (IP) is all about protecting your products. A simple way to do this is by trademarking your products. The trademark symbol, ™, and the registered trademark symbol, ®, indicate trademark rights exist in a mark. However, recognizing the distinctions between them is critical, so you’ll want to learn about IP Law as a […]

Everything You Need To Know About IP Law as a Business Owner

A bunch of multi-colored folder tabs lined up from front to back. A single tab is in focus and it reads “Intellectual Property.”

Intellectual property (IP) consists of ideas and other creations of the mind. Examples can include artwork, designs, inventions, or discoveries. Intellectual property is intangible, so defining ownership can be complicated. However, there are several different options if you want to protect your ideas, designs, or methods. These include trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets.  Protecting […]

How to Sell a Trademark Part I: Avoid Auctions

Graph with green and purple lines signed by Jeremy Eche

It might sound reasonable to sell a trademark by auction. A trademark is a unique item, like a work of art or an antique, so why shouldn’t it be sold the same way as those types of items? But only some works of art and antiques are sold at auction. Most are sold for fixed […]

Trademark Infringement: Definition and Examples

A judge’s hammer, dark brown wood with a ring of gold around the center, about to pound on a wooden platform.

Trademark infringement occurs when a person or company uses a trademark (a brand name or logo) without permission from the owner of that trademark. Perpetuating trademark infringement, or being a victim of it, can seriously affect a business. It can also confuse consumers about the source of goods and services. If trademark infringement continues, this […]