How Communer Works for Buying or Selling Trademarks

Communer, the only secure marketplace to buy a brand name

Are you an entrepreneur with a groundbreaking idea, seeking to protect your brand identity? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned business owner looking to expand your trademark portfolio? In either case, navigating the complex landscape of trademark transactions can be daunting. Enter Communer – your trusted partner in buying and selling trademarks. Understanding Trademarks Before delving […]

Amazon Brand Registry: Pending Vs. Registered Trademark

brandnamez with yellow Amazon arrow under it by Jeremy Eche

As a business owner navigating the world of e-commerce, protecting your brand and products on Amazon is paramount. Amazon Brand Registry is a powerful tool designed to help you safeguard your intellectual property and elevate your brand’s presence on the platform. The only way to use Amazon Brand Registry is to have either a “pending […]

Best Brandable Domain Names For Sale on Communer

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Sometimes when Jeremy and I are listing new trademarks for sale, we wish we could drop everything and start a new business. When we come across a trademark that is not only a great name for the product class, but also comes with a brandable dot-com domain name, it’s very tempting to want to buy […]

Trademarks for Sale: How to Know if a Brand for Sale Is Legit

Trademarks for sale: Registered trademark symbol red flag

The other day I was sitting at the park with some friends and family. A friend of my sister’s was talking about how she’s starting her own business. I asked her about her business and she brought up the inevitable questions every new business owner asks, like how or if she should form an LLC.  […]

How to Buy a Trademark

Many business owners are interested in creating a brand new name for a business and then trademarking that name, but you can in fact buy an existing trademark from another entity. It’s not very common, but it is possible. You can buy a trademark if you want to use it for the same goods/services (class) […]

5 BrandBucket Names That Could Get You Sued Part II

UberCoding BrandBucket listing screenshot.

In my previous post, I detailed some of the ways BrandBucket conflates domain names with brand names. In other words, they pretend they’re a marketplace for brand names when they’re really a marketplace for internet addresses.  As a branding expert, here is my response to this idea, which you’ll see a lot if you read […]

5 BrandBucket Names That Could Get You Sued Part I

Screenshot of listing on BrandBucket.

BrandBucket, a website where you can buy domain names, describes itself as a “brand name marketplace.” Their success depends on convincing entrepreneurs that buying a domain name for your new business is the same thing as securing a brand name.  Unfortunately, this is not true. Buying your desired dot-com domain does not actually give you […]

How Much Is My Trademark Worth? With Valuation Examples.

Screenshot of various trademarks for sale on Communer.

In my previous post on my law firm’s blog about appraising trademarks, I gave a very detailed explanation of my formula for determining the value of a little-used or little-known registered trademark that is not being sold in combination with a turnkey, profitable business.  In this post, I want to show you how those principles […]

Amazon Seller Name Ideas and Guidelines

brandnamez with yellow Amazon arrow under it by Jeremy Eche

Your seller name is one of the most important choices you’ll have to make as an Amazon business. Not only should the name be appealing and memorable to your target buyers, but it needs to be a name you can actually use without being sued, and that you can own as a registered trademark.  The […]